4 breakfast formulas to start the day well

4 breakfast formulas to start the day well

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The breakfast ? An important meal of the day. How to surprise your children, wake up their taste buds, while respecting the dietary advice of our specialist? Here are 4 breakfasts to start the day ...


Gourmet breakfast package

Take a French recipe of hot chocolate. Bring some sweet pancakes made in US with maple syrup and share a real moment of fun with the family.

The assets and the recipe.


Fresh breakfast package

He gets tired of hot milk? Offer him a milkshake: with fruits, he changes his taste without losing any of his nutritional values.

The assets and the recipe.


Energy breakfast formula

Perfect for a long walk in the forest or a sporting activity, this breakfast rich in slow sugars can be full of energy and hold until lunch without snacking.

The assets and the recipe.

Express breakfast package

In 5 minutes, prepare a delicious French toast for an original breakfast. Add a fruit smoothie and a little honey Swiss to balance it all.

The assets and the recipe.

Breakfast and dietetics: our specialist responds to moms.

Recipes: Elisabeth Tzimakas.


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