4 essential gluteal exercises to perform during pregnancy

4 essential gluteal exercises to perform during pregnancy

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Pregnant, the body sports new generous and feminine forms. Some of the sports activities such as jogging, horse riding, mountain biking and tennis are temporarily excluded during this period. However, you do not want to remain inactive! Here is a selection of 4 gluteal exercises that you can safely perform during your pregnancy.

Exercise 1

  • For this first gluteal exercise, stand with your back straight and your heels apart. Press one hand on the back of a chair while your other arm is stretched along the body. To successfully perform this gluteal exercise, just bend your knees slightly while raising your heels to make half-flexions. Breathing in this exercise is especially important: take a deep breath as you come down, and blow as you come up.
  • You can start smoothly with a series of 5 flexes and then gradually increase according to your rhythm.

Exercise 2

  • This gluteal exercise is particularly simple and quick to perform. As in the previous exercise, stand up, keeping your back straight. One of your hands is resting on the back of a chair while the other is resting on your thigh in motion. Then simply lift your leg slightly to the side and draw small circles in the air with your foot.
  • After a first conclusive training, you might want to add a little exercise to the exercise? The method remains the same but this time, you can try to draw figures or even words with your foot. For this exercise to be complete, do not forget to change your support leg.

Exercise 3

  • To begin, stand with your back and head against a wall. The legs are slightly open, the feet stay flat on the floor and the hands are positioned on the hips. The gluteal exercise is simply sitting down and staying perfectly parallel to the wall. Inhale deeply. Next, press your thigh and buttocks muscles to gently return to your standing position while exhaling.

Exercise 4

  • This gluteal exercise comes in two complementary versions. The position to adopt remains the same: lying comfortably on the side, back supported by a wall, you are resting on your elbow and you maintain your stability with your other hand which, it is palm to the ground.
  • The first step in the exercise is to gently lift the upper leg while inhaling, then to gently lower it while exhaling.
  • To vary the difficulty of this gluteal exercise, you can keep exactly the same position but this time perform 90 ° bending with your knee above.
  • Make small series of 10 movements per leg: for starters, this will be more than enough!