4 tips for living well your late pregnancy in summer

4 tips for living well your late pregnancy in summer

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Before the end of the summer, your baby will be there. But in the meantime, you may have to endure high temperatures! Our advice to enjoy your late pregnancy without being too inconvenienced by the hot summer.

1. Remember to hydrate yourself

  • Pregnant, you need more water than usual. If during your pregnancy, even in winter, you were recommended to drink at least 1.5 l, do not hesitate to increase the doses, to double them!
  • In order not to over-stress your digestive system, consume fresh water at 18 ° C rather than ice-cold!
  • And as your hydration also goes through your diet, do not forget to consume fruits (melons, brugnons ...), as well as vegetables (zucchini, carrots) well washed.

2. Pamper your legs

  • Heavy legs are a the main pains of pregnancy and heat increases this sensation related to circulatory disorders!
  • To relieve yourself, do not hesitate to spend regularly under a cool shower. When you rest, place a cushion under your mattress to elevate your legs and stimulate blood circulation.
  • If possible, avoid standing for too long!
  • You can ask your midwife or obstetrician for advice to relieve your discomfort. There are natural remedies, especially in homeopathy, that improve circulation problems.

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