4 good reflexes in the autumn

4 good reflexes in the autumn

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The holidays have left your skin slightly tanned and hair shiny ... But after singing all summer, pregnancy hormones may well make you fall in the fall. Unless you comply without fail - these 4 beauty rules of future moms!

1. I cleans up scrupulously every night

  • It is promised, you will not do the impasse on a good makeup removal every night, even if you fall asleep. It is imperative to rid your skin of impurities that clog it. Dust, sebum, dead cells, foundation and powders clog the pores and dull the complexion. Your epidermis, more sensitive under the effect of glucocorticoids (produced by the adrenal glands), requires more softness. Lightened texture cleansers filled with moisturizing and softening active ingredients are perfect for your delicate skin. The ideal is the milk / tonic couple without alcohol or the use of a micellar lotion. If you are a fan of cleaning with water that gives you a real sensation of "cleanliness", do not give it up: use a wet glove to remove your cleansing milk ... but finish the operation by the passage of a cotton soaked with tonic. However, in the morning, the use of a tonic or a bomb of mineral water is enough to have a clear skin. Then pat your face with a tissue so as not to dry out your epidermis by evaporation of these products.
  • Good actions: warm up your cleansing milk in the palm of your hands. Apply it by simply touching your palms laid flat on your face (remove them as quickly as possible as if your skin was hot, so the milk thickens and causes a "sucker" effect that sucks impurities without irritating ). Wipe gently with a tissue and wipe a cotton swab soaked. Finish by patting your face with a tissue.

2. Every day I apply my anti stretch marks treatment

  • The surest way to avoid stretch marks is to prevent them. Their favorite areas are breasts, belly, hips and thighs. Why do they occur during pregnancy? Because the disruption of your adrenal glands weakens the collagen and elastin fibers that give your skin its elasticity and tone. Your skin becomes thinner and ends up "cracking". Small parallel streaks appear. From pale pink, they turn white to become pearlescent a year later. Although they do not appear until the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy, you must act at the end of the first trimester and maintain your effort during the two months following the birth. Indeed, after the birth of your baby, your skin retracts and, again, it may crack.
  • The good gesture: apply a nut of product on the affected areas, then massage. For the belly: place your hands in a basket on one another under your belly and put them up on each side by exerting a slight pressure, then go down by crossing the arms. For the breasts: go around the breast by supporting it, from the outside towards the inside, and go up, hands flat, towards the shoulder. For the thighs and hips: massage from bottom to top by wrapping the thigh, buttocks and hips.

3. I think to feed my hair

  • Pregnant, your hair is surely more beautiful and thicker than ever. The hormones of pregnancy normalize them and slow down their fall. But your deficiency in sebum dries them up and if they were already dry, they are even more so ... Especially since the sea water or the swimming pool has probably mistreated them this summer. To restore their vigor and brilliance, a repairing and nourishing care, a real beauty cream for your hair, is welcome.
  • The good gesture: apply the care after your shampoo on your hair rinsed and wrung out by massaging slightly of the fingertips. Paint to better distribute the product throughout your hair. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

4. I deeply moisturize my skin

  • During pregnancy, the laziness of your sebaceous secretions changes the balance of your skin. It has less imperfections but, on the other hand, it becomes drier. Sensitive to external aggressions, she needs protective care more than ever. The perfect formulas are not only moisturizing but also nourishing. They provide, in their creamy texture, essential fatty acids that compensate for the lack of sebum.
  • The good gesture: complete the daily application of your cream with a moisturizing mask at least once a week. It has the advantage of smoothing the lines and also to erase all traces of fatigue. Place it generously on the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin. Using your fingers, stretch it without penetrating it, from inside to outside for a good distribution of the product.

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