4 good reasons to practice pregnant relaxation

4 good reasons to practice pregnant relaxation

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Period of physical and psychological changes, pregnancy can be just as much a source of joy and stress as well. Nothing abnormal about that. To adopt Zen attitude, you can practice relaxation exercises and positive visualization.

1 / To take time for you

  • Pregnancy is a unique time, enjoy it! To be attentive to all the physical and psychological changes related to this condition, it is important to offer you moments just for you. Practicing relaxation exercises, based on breathing, muscle relaxation and positive visualization is a great way to rejuvenate yourself, by "obliging" you to focus only on yourself and your feelings.
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  • When to practice? Every day, give yourself this break time: about twenty minutes. Do not hesitate, if necessary, to register this appointment with you and your future baby in your agenda. You can start with 5 minutes or schedule an appointment every week the first months of your pregnancy and go gradually. But you will soon find that you will not be able to do without it and the habit will settle daily. Choose when you will be the most available and relaxed. Sit comfortably and calm, sitting or lying down.

2 / To free you from negative thoughts

  • Waiting for a child brings up anxieties and questions: afraid of not being up to childbirth, fear of not being loved by his child ... These worries are sources of tension. They can be evacuated by relaxing and visualizing positive images.
  • An example of positive visualization: imagine a "box of sorrows" in which you deposit your anxieties and pains of the past. You then close it with a key, a chain, a padlock ... this can allow you to take a distance and leave more space for positive thoughts.
  • When to practice? Every day, about twenty minutes. Throughout the sessions, you will be able to reach more and more easily "the place" where is your chest to get rid of each of your anxieties. Sometimes 5 minutes will suffice.

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