3 pounds to eat by the little wolves of 3-7 years

3 pounds to eat by the little wolves of 3-7 years

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Want a reading break with your little wolves? Discover the selection made by Parents & Enfants, the first digital weekly to enjoy with the family.

The Red Cat, from 3 years

  • Valentine is a cat, but he is red and for that he is not loved by his peers. When he meets the beautiful Snow White (a cat ... white, of course!), His life lights up. Alas, here they are pursued by a wolf, then adopted in spite of themselves by an ugly witch. The author of spitz, or adventures of Jean Carrot, the little rabbit, knows perfectly well to imagine marvelous tales mixing the fear with the humor. His beautiful drawings take the reader into a world of vibrant colors. And this beautiful ode to intelligence and freedom will inevitably seduce children!
  • By Grégoire Solotareff, The School of Recreation, € 12.70.
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The Source of days, from 5 years

  • Melanie Rutten likes to create imaginary worlds that come together, intertwine, meet each other. In The source of the days, we find with pleasure the characters of the formidable The shadow of each to discover another part of their life. Shadow, a great dumb bear, lives happily in the woods. The stag is waiting for the wolf who is not coming. The book is desperate to have lost a page ... A poetic album, vibrant with emotion, and a total splendor.
  • By Melanie Rutten, ed. MeMo, 17 €.
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Colors and illusions, from 7 years

  • What is color? How do we perceive it? What is it for ? To answer these questions: pop-ups, optical illusions, a top to mount, colorful films to place and move, glasses to see in 3D, but also puzzles and tests ... and full of information ! Because the purpose of this documentary is also to learn, of course. It's exciting, sometimes bluffing, always surprising.
  • By Jemma Westing and Carole Davis, translated by Stéphanie Scudiero, ed. Milan, € 19.90.
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Selection made by Yaël Eckert for the parents & children digital magazine

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