Two women become mothers

Two women become mothers

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This is a first for the French justice. Two homosexual women have just been officially recognized as being both legal mothers of their daughter. This decision marks a significant step forward for homoparental families. (News of 12/07/10)

  • Two homosexual women were recognized as both moms of their 10 year old daughter.

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  • In 1999, the two women live in the United States. One, American, gives birth to a girl born of artificial insemination that his companion, French, legally adopts across the Atlantic. The couple then decides to validate this decision in France and faces a first refusal in 2007, then a second appeal in 2008. The two women appeal to the court and win the case. The Court of Cassation recognizes the American legal decision in France.
  • In the eyes of French justice, they are both legal mums of their daughter.

Consequences for homosexual couples

  • This decision marks a historic breakthrough for same-sex couples and could serve as case law in similar adoption cases. Thus, same-sex couples recognized as legal adoptive parents abroad could assert this right in France. However, this ruling will not allow French homosexual couples to adopt their spouse's child and become a legal parent.

Alison Novic