3 good reasons to start conserving

3 good reasons to start conserving

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Put in jars, storage in the freezer, prolong the pleasure of fruits and vegetables of the beautiful days. This allows to better control his diet, to do good and have fun too.

What savings!

  • Five fruits and vegetables a day! You have heard the message, but your wallet is sometimes reluctant to follow him at the prohibitive prices in winter fresh produce.
  • Preparing canned in the summer is an economical solution: this cherry tree at the bottom of the garden produces more than you can consume in a few days, live picking at market gardeners are in full swing and peaches are offered at unbeatable prices in crates at market: so many good reasons to keep to enjoy off-season these products at a reasonable price.

Better eat

  • Better control of your diet is also a good motivation. When preparing your jars and frozen foods, you know that they will only contain healthy foods without additives or other preservatives. This is all the more interesting if one of your family members has an allergy or food intolerance.
  • Many industrial products contain traces of allergenic ingredients that are sometimes difficult to detect. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, your canned foods will be richer in vitamins than vegetables that have been dragging on the stalls for too long. If you prepare them just after picking, their nutritional qualities are much better.

Have fun and please

  • And the pleasure of doing it yourself is probably the best reason to cook. You keep an emotional memory of your grandmother's currant jelly recipe and the moment shared to make it happen. This time together in the kitchen will be just as appreciated by your children. And will increase their appetite at the time of tasting! They are reluctant to eat green beans? They will certainly be more enthusiastic about those you have cooked together this summer.

Elisabeth Tzimakas

Preserves, freezing: our recipes and tips.


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