3 tips to boost baby's IQ during pregnancy

3 tips to boost baby's IQ during pregnancy

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Between the decor of the nursery, the birth of the keychain, medical appointments and preparation for childbirth, your days are well filled. You also think about the physical and intellectual development of your little one? Here are tips to boost your IQ during pregnancy.

To develop baby's IQ, adopt a healthy and balanced diet

  • To promote an excellent development of the baby's brain and to boost its IQ, diet plays a key role during pregnancy. Focus primarily on drinks and natural foods. Avoid processed products that are too rich in fat and sugar such as sodas, cakes and cooked industrial dishes, confectionery or pastries. Opt instead for seasonal fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants such as tomato, papaya, kiwi, orange, mango, watermelon, broccoli and green leafy vegetables (rocket, watercress, spinach ...).
  • Similarly, do not hesitate to consume foods full of omega 3 that promote better brain development: oily fish (sardines, herring, mackerel ...), flaxseed and nuts among others. Finally, a diet rich in iodine during pregnancy would also have beneficial effects on the development of baby's intellectual and cognitive abilities and on his IQ. In particular, bet on cereal products (rye, oats), cod and eggs.

To boost baby's IQ during pregnancy, nothing better than music!

  • Baby's IQ is intimately linked to his sensory development. Also, to stimulate his intellectual abilities in a soft and playful way, why not consider making him listen to music for a few minutes a day? From 5 months of pregnancy, baby perceives frequencies and sounds and reacts accordingly. Of course, the musical choice belongs to you, but note that classical music is particularly known for stimulating baby's brain development. The works of Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven would be particularly favorable to the IQ of the little ones of cabbage.

Take time to communicate with baby during pregnancy

  • Like music, Mom and Dad's voices stimulate baby's brain function. On the one hand, they soothe, reassure and comfort and, on the other hand, they develop sensory perceptions.
  • If experience tempts you, also know that haptonomy will have the same positive effects on your child's IQ. This recognized method of preparation for childbirth invites future parents to communicate with baby from the womb. The process is simple: it is to exert soft, tender and affectionate pressure on the belly of the mother. You will quickly notice that baby loves this direct interaction!