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Dads, there are all kinds. Super, funny, heads in the air, tender, handymen, who we want to look like ... or not. Here is a selection of albums - great classics and novelties - to savor with your little readers to love even more dads ...

From 2 years old: Like Dad

  • Lulu the little rabbit would like to have Lion's mane to be strong, and Giraffe's neck to be great ... And all for what? To look like his dad, of course! The most beautiful and the strongest. Of course, that will speak to your little one on the threshold of the Oedipus!
  • By Alex Sanders, ed. The School of Recreation, € 10.70.
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From 3 years old: Tino wants to do everything like dad!

  • Like his dad, Tino wants coffee, read the newspaper, and not sleep. Fortunately, his accomplice and tender dad has understood everything! A round album like this adorable little hippo.
  • By Marcus Pfister, ed. NorthSouth, 5.74€.
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