Women of heart rewarded

Women of heart rewarded

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For its 6th edition, the Outstanding Women-Current Woman Award has just rewarded 10 women exemplarily involved in associations in the fields of childhood, solidarity and the environment. (News of 28/11/11)

The association Autism Hope towards School, rewarded by the readers.

  • The 1st prize of the jury was awarded to Chantal Paoli-Texier for her association AJC against moral violence in private life.
  • The readers of the Internet Current wife voted for their favorite prize.
  • With more than 200,000 votes, they gave their support to Catherine de la Presle, founder of the association Autisme espoir vers l'école.
  • This association works to integrate young people with autism into school, thanks to a development method through intensive and interactive play.
  • The Martin Star, an association that supports research on pediatric cancers and works for the well-being of sick children, has won the Nivéa Coup de Coeur Award.
  • The 2nd prize of the jury went to Réseau Môm'Artre, an association that offers comprehensive care after school for children from vulnerable families.

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