Cooking with your child: a happiness

Cooking with your child: a happiness

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A pleasure that can be shared very early with the family: cooking with four hands, parent and child gathered around a recipe. Sweet or salty, it's what you want, in any case it's a good idea. The proof in 7 questions.

1. Why is it a good idea to cook with your child?

  • This is a good idea because cooking is an activity that is both fun, creative and very rewarding for a child. It appeals to all its senses (taste, sight, touch, smell ...) and gives the opportunity to have a good time together. First we make something together, then we are proud to offer it to the rest of the family or to offer it if it is for example a birthday cake, and finally we savor it together ...

2. From what age can you cook with a child?

  • A small 3-year-old can begin - for example - stir with a wooden spoon the dough of a cake, add one by one the ingredients that were previously prepared and weighed. He will also love decorating a cake with small vermicelli in colored sugar, Smarties or other sweets. This allows him to exercise his fine motor skills.
  • From 5 years old, a child can realize more precise and delicate tasks: he can learn to break eggs, too bad if he spoils some! He can peel an apple by himself, measure with a glass or a jar of yogurt the flour, the sugar, the milk ...
  • Then, when the child knows how to read, and becomes more adept, between 6 and 8 years old, he can read the recipe on his own, start cutting some foods himself, use the scales to weigh them.
  • Finally from 9 to 10 years, always under the watchful eye of a parent, he can light the oven, use the electric mixer and other kitchen instruments ... The kitchen is also an opportunity to make his first chemistry experiments when egg whites turn into snow, when butter or chocolate melt and become liquid. A very practical and fun way to do science!

3. If you have a child who does not like eating at all or is not at all greedy, should we avoid offering him such activities?

  • On the contrary ... cooking with him can be a way to make him want to taste flavors he does not like. It is a good way to make him rediscover some vegetables, in different forms: raw or cooked, mashed, foam or small sticks ... Ideally, if you have time, is to start the cooking workshop by shopping at the market. We call the fruits or vegetables, we learn to choose those that are ripe, we realize that they do not have the same shape at the merchant than in his plate ...

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