2nd trimester: how does your baby grow in you

2nd trimester: how does your baby grow in you

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Fantastic the progress of your future baby this second quarter! It is especially important for you: the one where you feel your toddler move for the first time. It must be said that things happen ... he may want to tell you!

Month 4 in utero: he trains to breathe

This 4th month marks the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy. If this is your first baby, do not be impatient: your belly should finally round to really look like a pregnant woman! It must be said that in the hollow of your uterus, your toddler is gallantly pursuing his growth

His fourth month in utero.

The video.

Month 5 in utero: it moves!

This fifth month is probably where you will feel your baby move for the very first time, moving! It is also the moment when his neurons, already numerous, will begin to establish connections between them.

His 5th month in utero.

The video.

Month 6 in utero: brain, lungs, hair ... only changes!

Highly equipped on the brain side, your future baby becomes receptive to tactile stimulation. His muscles grow, his nails appear, his hair thickens, his lungs mature ... amazing, this sixth month!

His sixth month in utero.

The video.

And for you, what changes in the 2nd quarter? Our article.

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