2nd echo: he keeps moving!

2nd echo: he keeps moving!

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Lying in the shadows, you try, heart pounding, to recognize on the screen a foot, a hand, a profile ... But your baby keeps fidgeting and this examination does not finish. There is a problem or what?

Performed between the 20th and 24th week, the second ultrasound, called morphological, occupies a special place: at 4 months, the fetus is totally formed. Hence the interest of a precise examination which sometimes takes time.

Why can ultrasound look long?

  • Parce your baby does pirouettes : the maturation of his nervous and muscular systems allows him to do his first acrobatics. Not easy in these conditions to take precise measurements!
  • Parce there are many things to look at : The second trimester ultrasound is used to control the fetus' size, movements, heartbeat, and to check that growth is progressing normally. The observation of the placenta, umbilical cord, heart ... can also detect the main morphological abnormalities that can lead to a chromosomal abnormality, such as trisomy 21.
  • Because you are worried Most expectant mothers live in fear that their baby will be malformed. Even if it does not make it possible to detect everything, the ultrasound gives the practitioner elements to evaluate objectively the development of the fetus. It is above all a prenatal diagnosis, whose conclusions can lead to bad news (termination of pregnancy, abnormality ...). It is understandable that you feel a little tense!

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