Couvade: test your knowledge

Couvade: test your knowledge

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Some men are so involved in the pregnancy of their wife that they feel some pangs, including physical. Weight gain (and therefore big belly!), Cravings, nausea ... the couvade is all that at once. Test your knowledge on this curious phenomenon.

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The couvade ... it's new!

That's right. It's wrong.


Couvade is not a recent phenomenon. The term couvade, which derives from the word brood, originally referred to the medieval custom of the Basque Country in which the father, during or immediately after the birth of the child, went to bed, and complained of pain. related to childbirth and was given the care and attention normally reserved for the woman during pregnancy and after delivery.
In some primitive societies, it was rather a set of rituals performed by men at the birth of their children. They mimic certain characteristics of the pregnancy, sometimes going as far as being bleed at the time of delivery, or bedridden for long periods of time.
It is therefore not yesterday that future dads try to brood their offspring, failing to carry it in them for several months.