24 stories to wait for Christmas

24 stories to wait for Christmas

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24 Christmas stories like an advent calendar ... Virginie Ledoyen and Michel Leeb tell you a story written by Stéphane Daniel. A story for children to read together, but also to watch video, print or color.

24 stories in Advent Calendar

Thibaud the cub, Odilon the donkey, Sidonie the mouse, Paco the penguin ... in total, there are 24 beautiful stories of Christmas written by Stéphane Daniel that tell you the actors Virginie Ledoyen and Michel Leeb. Children's stories to read together, but also to watch video, print or color.

Story 1: The Christmas of Thibaud the Cub

Thibaud the cub knew few people in this forest where his parents had brought him. By nature, the family often stayed away from other residents, so that Thibaud had not yet found a real friend ...

Our story for children.

Story 2: The Christmas of Charlotte the Marmot

The reindeer pawed with impatience. The sledge was waiting in the powder for the starting order to be given. In his gloved hands, Santa Claus held the letter sent to him by Charlotte the Marmot. He read it again one last time ...

Our story for children.

Story 3: The Christmas of Marcellin the Penguin

It was a cold duck this December, and Christmas was coming. But a cold duck is not very cold for a penguin. Marcellin was a wise and considerate penguin. He helped his mother fish for fish and never let her belong in the family igloo. So he waited for the arrival of Santa Claus with impatience ...

Our story for children.

Story 4: Sidonie's Christmas Mouse

Pfff! Me, I've never seen Santa! said Sidonie the mouse, arms folded and sulky face, while you, yes! It's not fair ! - You must be patient ! replied Simonin the rabbit to his friend. Maybe this year, it will be your turn!

Our story for children.

Story 5: Apollo's Christmas the puppy

The truffle of Apollo appeared out of his niche. A thick layer of snow covered the farmyard, then beyond, the silent countryside. On his right, the large niche of his parents seemed empty. The preparations for Christmas were to occupy them, the eve being planned for the same evening ...

Our story for children.

Story 6: The Christmas of Claire the starfish

Claire the starfish was in her room, but her room was as big as the ocean. The surface of the water formed a dancing ceiling that she rarely left her eyes because, for her, the ocean was nothing compared to the immensity of the sky that trembled over ...

Our story for children.

Story 7: Ross's Christmas the rhinoceros

Ross the rhinoceros straightened his young horn. A beautiful sun was pinned on the blue sky. Around him, the savannah was spreading its yellow carpet punctuated with clumps of trees. Jumping with both feet, he practiced shaking the ground, like his parents when they galloped freely, but for the moment, a small rhinoceros did not shake much. And he felt a little lonely ...

Our story for children.

Story 8: The Christmas of Gideon the pig

It was the morning of the last Sunday before Christmas. Gideon the little pig snorted and stood on his white legs, excited to find his friends. This day was for everyone a great day, the one where we prepared the nursery ...

Our story for children.

Story 9: Nestor Christmas Beaver

Christmas was coming. An icy wind swept through Canada's forests. Nestor was snuggled against his mother, warm in her hut ...

Our story for children.

Story 10: Paco's Christmas Penguin

A white ball of hair bounced near Paco the penguin. It was his friend Albert the polar bear who was stamping on the approach of Christmas ...

Our story for children.

Story 11: Christmas of Manolo the snail

Manolo the snail pulled a straight line through the snow. This trait did not last. The flakes that fell gracefully weighed on his shell and quickly filled his trail. He was slipping into the silent forest ...

Our story for children.

Story 12: The Juju Christmas Turtle

Late in the afternoon, Juju the turtle carefully pointed her nose out of her shell. The cold had hardened the snow the night before. At ground level, it shone like the icing of a cake under the caress of the sun which was declining. Almost reluctantly, Juju pulled out his paws ...

Our story for children.

Story 13: Garou's Christmas Kangaroo

In the heat, the floor creaked like a cracker. At this time of the year, Garou the kangaroo was no longer in place. Every night his mum would read Santa's stories to him, and every night Garou would gaze at the pure sky, imagining that a red guy with a white beard would soon be coming out ...

Our story for children.

Story 14: The Christmas of Leon the Chameleon

- Leon! Where are you my big? - There, under your eyes, mom. - Ah! of course, the banana leaf in front of me! I had not seen you ! - I know ... Leon the little chameleon breathed a sigh that was lost in the depths of the forest ...

Our story for children.

Story 15: The Christmas of Simon the Hedgehog

- From a distance, I thought I saw a sea urchin arrive at La Chantilly! Simon the hedgehog shrugged. Ricardo the kitten liked to make fun of him. It had fallen so much snow in recent days that the field where they were found to play evoked a huge dish of cream ...

Our story for children.

Story 16: The Christmas of Odilon the donkey

The countryside slept under the snow. Christmas had planted icy stars in the black sky. Stunned by the warmth of his stable, Odilon absently chewed a few strands of soft straws, letting his eyes get lost on the outside ...

Our story for children.

Story 17: The Christmas of Pablo the calf

The preparations were going well around Pablo the calf. His parents had lined the seabed of fluorescent corals and erected a bouquet of fir-shaped algae that, caressed by the currents, seemed to waved like a liquid flame ...

Our story for children.

History 18: The Christmas of Lancelot the toad

"The princess put her lips on her pretty toad, and splash!" He disappeared, and now there was a handsome prince who took her in his arms and carried her away, swearing to love him until the end of the day. time. "

Our story for children.

History 19: The Christmas of Alec the fennec

The universe of Alec was the desert. In the morning, he snorted, clumsy, and frolicking in the sand laid on the ground as far as the eye could see. Pointing it sometimes with the end of the truffle, he aimed at the sun by narrowing his eyes. Under the new cushions of his legs, he felt the heat of each grain. But Alec had a dream ...

Our story for children.

Story 20: Enzo's Christmas the Elephantle

The trunk hanging on his mother's tail, Enzo the elephant dreamed. "Santa arrives tonight, and this time, no way to miss it! Well, last year, I fell asleep, but it was an accident. With today's nap, I'm sure to hold on! "

Our story for children.

Story 21: The Christmas of Bouba the boa

Bouba was a little boa from Amazonia. Even small, he was great because his boas parents were big boas. When he slept, under the green sky of the sweltering trees, it looked like a hoop forgotten by a child ...

Our story for children.

Story 22: Humphrey's Christmas parrot

In the jungle, it looked like all the trees were decorated for Christmas. A brutal downpour had left in the branches drops of rain that shone under the sun returned ...

Our story for children.

Story 23: The Christmas of the Hamster brothers

- Oh ! I did not have anything! exclaimed Jimmy the canary. - Oh ! I did not have anything! Pesta Agathe pussy. - Oh ! he forgot me! whined Riton the duckling ...

Our story for children.

Story 24: Santa's Christmas

Dawn gave the world pink cheeks. Hovering over the trees, Santa's sleigh was preparing to land ...

Our story for children.

Stéphane Daniel, the author of our stories

Teacher in primary school, Stéphane Daniel was born in Brittany, just after the departure of Yuri Gagarin for space. In parallel, he begins to write novels, a good fifty in all (The Daddy Champion, The Knight Têtenlère, A Parrot's Love, The Black-eyed Girl...) published by Rageot, Bayard, Magnard, Thierry Magnier and Casterman. What are they talking about ? "I think they're talking about human relationships, they're generally neither gay nor sad, but sad."

Johanna Crainmark, illustrator

After an art school, this young Swedish girl flew to Paris. On the spot, she studied for three years visual communication ... eating lots of croissants! Once she graduates, she tries her luck as an illustrator. To his surprise, it's a success. What does she like the most when she draws for children? "Enter a world very happy and poetic." What can we wish for the future? "I'd like to get into the animation, but before that, I especially want to have a very good Christmas!"

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