Contagion: the trick of the question

Contagion: the trick of the question

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Buttons, cough, gastro ... And if it was contagious? What to do ? Keep it isolated, so that it does not contaminate the whole household, or not? Test your knowledge by doing our quiz.

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Measles is a disease:

Not transmissible.Little transmissible.Very transmissible.


The measles remains the most transmissible childhood disease. A child alone is able to infect about 15 to 20 people.
Once the eruption is found, it is unfortunately too late to take measures of eviction, because the disease is already contagious for 5 days. When a child or his / her family is not immunized, that is to say that they have not had measles or are not effectively vaccinated with two doses, it is always possible to carry out a vaccination of the members. of the family, provided that it is carried out within 72 hours. The return to the community can not be considered until 5 days after the beginning of the eruption.