How to preserve the outline of the eye?

How to preserve the outline of the eye?

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A true mirror of your general wellbeing, a simple blow of tiredness or stress and your look accuses the blow. Dark circles, fine lines appear. All our advice to keep it fresh whatever happens.

What are the specificities of the eye contour?

The outline of the eye is a particularly sensitive area that is easily marked by its physiology:

  • He is constantly movingyou blink at least 10,000 times a day.
  • It is active all day thanks to 22 muscles, 14 of which "work" every 10 seconds.
  • It is extremely fine necessary for the mobility of the eyelids.
  • He is aging prematurely, because it's low in collagen and elastin fibers, the guarantors of his youth.
  • He suffers from greater drought.

Where do the dark circles come from?

Dark circles make the look sad and are often hereditary. They first appear at the corner of the eye before spreading around the eye. The stagnation of blood micro-waste in the vessels generates their black-blue color. They can be favored by:

  • Lack of sleep which slows down the blood and lymphatic microcirculation.
  • Alcohol consumption, tobacco, fatigue and stress aggravate their appearance.
  • The age refines the skin that relaxes and darkens the look further.

Special care

This fragile area requires specific care to fade small imperfections. The good choice :

  • Give up your day cream because it is not formulated to avoid irritating the eye.
  • Opt for a moisturizing targeted care, anti-aging and veno-tonic action.
  • Apply it in small, light taps with the pulp of the fingers, around the eyes.

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