20 recipes around the pear

20 recipes around the pear

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The pear ? Young and old love its softness and its delicate taste. Discover our ideas recipes sweet or salty to taste with family.

Pear banana mousse

Pear, babies love its sweet taste! Folic acid, calcium, potassium and iron, it is an excellent fruit for your little one. Make him discover this recipe from 5 months.

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Trifles of duck and pear

The pear, a delight in salty version too. Duck, polenta and honey accompany it in this recipe to be enjoyed from 10 months.

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Four-quarters with pear

The pear, a delicious sweet taste and a fun texture to discover from 1 year. A recipe to enjoy at all ages.

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Papillotes of pears with vanilla and star anise

A delicious dessert to serve hot or warm, accompanied by a cloud of whipped cream or a sorbet with pear.

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Cake with pear

Fluffy at tea time ... a real treat from 16 months.

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Pear tart, smoked duck breast and foie gras

For a holiday meal, be inspired by a dessert to treat your guests with an original and tasty entry. A recipe to revel and surprise both visually and tastefully!

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Chocolate pie tartlets

Opt for the chocolate pear wedding in your tartlets. A gourmet recipe wish.

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Pear tartlets in blue

Children love the sweet taste of pear. Let him discover his salty version with this original recipe to be enjoyed from 18 months.

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Fondant cake with caramel heart pear

Ready in 10 minutes, here are some delicious pear-based cupcakes that hide a heart of caramel. Yum !

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