How to help him withstand the heat?

How to help him withstand the heat?

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When it's hot, your toddler becomes grumpy. Whether he is sweating heavily or waking up at night, he is obviously struggling to adapt to the weather. Our advice to offer him a cool shot!

The problem

As soon as the mercury has reached the 25 ° C mark, your child will change his attitude. Agitated sleep, sparrow's appetite, pumping ... He's not at his best.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He is patristic, often cries and gets angry for nothing. The heat disrupts his rhythm completely.
  • You. These holidays, you waited for them. You want your child to benefit as much as you.

It lacks appetite

With the heat, your little greedy starts pecking: he does not finish his bottle and balks in front of his mashed potatoes.

  • What has to be done. You do not want a beef bourguignon by 30 degrees C in the shade. Your child no more! Try to give him a bottle or a small pot to heat up Do not insist! If it is bigger, opt for fish, vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Install it cool for meals and offer it often to drink (not just juices and syrups). Its water reserves are less important than yours and it can quickly become dehydrated.

He sleeps badly

Rather groundhog usually, your toddler has trouble falling asleep and wakes up several times a night.

  • What has to be done. 18 to 20 degrees C is the ideal temperature of a room during the night. In summer, you must make sure to refresh your child's room. Air conditioning, fan - without directing it directly to him - or even shutters closed the day and windows open in the evening ... all means are good to gain a few degrees.
  • Bedding, go to the basics : no sheet or blanket. A simple lightweight body will protect your sleeper from drafts.

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