20 names of heroes of children's literature

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With charismatic heroes like Cédric, SamSam or Anatole Latuile, children's literature has rocked our childhood. Even today, these funny and endearing characters enthrall readers of all ages. We have concocted a selection of 20 names of heroes of children's literature.

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20 names of heroes of children's literature (20 photos)


Ana Ana is a lively and funny girl who lives great adventures with her stuffed toys. The stories of Ana Ana are simple little albums, perfect to discover the comics to the little ones. The name Ana comes from the Hebrew "hanna" which translates to "grace". His birthday: July 26th. Discover in a book the stories of Ana Ana!


We no longer introduce Cédric, the adorable blonde who is ready to do anything to seduce his lover, Chen. Whether in comics, novels or TV, his adventures delight young and old alike. The name Cédric comes from the old English "caddaric", which means "rider". His birthday: October 26th. Discover in comics the adventures of Cédric!


Anatole Latuile is a flirty and ruffled schoolboy who puts all his energy to the service of the same goal: to get into trouble! Very popular among children, this cartoon hero even sees his gaffes adapted on small screen since January. The name Anatole comes from the Greek "anatolios", "which comes from the east, from the East". His birthday: February 3rd. Discover in comics the adventures of Anatole Latuile!


Émile is the hero of comics "Emile and Margot", who humorously tells the story of two brothers and sisters who are bored in their castle lost in the depths of the forest of Monstrie. The name Emile comes from the Latin "aemulus" translating as "emulative" or "rival". It is also the name of an illustrious family from ancient Rome. The Emile celebrate on May 22nd. Discover in comics the adventures of Émile!


Just like her brother Emile, Margot is a disobedient little princess who keeps driving their governess! Margot is a diminutive of the name Marguerite, from the Greek "margaritas", "the pearl". The Margots are celebrated on November 16th. Discover in comics the adventures of Margot!


Marion Duval is a young heroine of comics whose police investigations have become cult. The first volume, released in 1984, did not take a ride. Variation of Mary, the name Marion is inspired by the Hebrew "miryam" or "drop of sea". His birthday: August 15th. Discover in comics the adventures of Marion!


Leopold is the little chameleon of the duo Zazou and Leopold. These two characters appear in books that introduce to toddlers different concepts, such as colors, numbers, shapes ... The name Leopold comes from German "liut", "people", and "bald", "bold". It is right in the trend of old names! The Leopolds are celebrated on November 15th. Discover in book the stories of Leopold!


Melusine is a charming little witch whose au pair work in a castle in Transylvania is not easy! Comics full of humor and magic to devour at any age. The name Melusine is derived from Melanie, from the Greek "melanos" which means "brown", "black". This name is related to the legend of the fairy Melusine, famous in French mythology. The Mélusine are celebrated on January 26th. Discover in comics the adventures of Mélusine!


Tom is the young hero of "La Cabane Magique", a series of novels between fiction and reality in which children discover History, countries and their traditions. Studious and serious, he uses his knowledge to get out of perilous situations. Tom is also the name of the hero of a cult series: Tom-Tom and Nana of course! The name Tom is Thomas's diminutive Anglo-Saxon. His birthday: July 3rd. Discover in book the adventures of Tom!


Lea is Tom's little sister in "The Magic Shack". More mischievous than her brother, she is no less resourceful. Their adventures have already sold 6 million copies worldwide! The name Léa comes from the Hebrew "lea", "tired", or the Latin "leo", "lioness". Leaves are celebrated on March 22nd. Discover in book the adventures of Leah!


Anaïs is the curious heroine of the novels "Le Tour du monde d'Anaïs". Thanks to her magic hammock, she can travel around the world. Magic and travel: an effective cocktail to live crazy adventures while learning about the world. The name Anaïs is the Occitan form of Anne, the Hebrew "hannah", "grace". His birthday: July 26th. Discover in book the adventures of Anaïs!


"Charlotte and her horse" tells the nascent friendship between a pre-teen and her horse, won during a competition. A cartoon full of tenderness and a true hymn to riding. The name Charlotte is the feminine of Charles, who comes from the Germanic "karl", "virile". The Charlotte are celebrated on July 17th. Discover in book the adventures of Charlotte!


Emma Petard is a young girl full of imagination whose nonsense is the subject of two hilarious novels. The penciled illustrations bring a touch of originality to this collection which was born in 2016. The name Emma comes from the Germanic "heim", "house", or "ermin", "big, powerful". The Emma are celebrated on April 19th. Discover in book the adventures of Emma!


Samsam is the smallest of the cosmic superheroes. In comics as in cartoon, he lives wacky adventures and full of twists. The name Sam is a diminutive of Samuel coming from the Hebrew "chmuel", "his name is God". The Sam are celebrated on August 20th. Discover in a book the adventures of SamSam!


Alfred is the hero of the investigative novels Alfred and Agatha. Largely inspired by the filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, he resolves with his friend Agatha more mysterious business than the others. The Sherlock Holmes retro atmosphere is the highlight of this fascinating series. The name Alfred is composed of the old English terms "aelf" and "raed" which mean respectively "elfe" and "conseil". His birthday: August 15th. Discover in book the adventures of Alfred!


Agatha from the Alfred and Agatha series completes this intriguing duet. Full of daring, the girl (which is reminiscent of the mistress of the polar Agatha Christie) is afraid of nothing. These novels, full of winks, are to devour at any age. The name Agatha comes from the Greek "agathê", "bonne". The Agathe are celebrated on February 5th. Discover in book the adventures of Agatha!


Zoo Zoé is a collection of novels that will appeal to all children who love animals. Little Zoe lives in a zoo and talks to animals, a gift she uses to help them. The name Zoé comes from the Greek "zoè", "life". Zoe are celebrated on May 2nd or July 5th. Discover in book the adventures of Zoé!


Cléo is a little child who talks about his daily life in a tone of his own! These hardback albums accompany the little ones in their first discoveries. Touching stories to read as a family for a moment of complicity. The name Cleo comes from Kleopatra, which is formed from the Greek terms "kleos" and "patêr" which mean respectively "glory" and "father". Just as Cléo's sex is not clearly identified in the albums, this name can be given to both girls and boys. His birthday: October 19th. Discover in book the stories of Cléo!


Apolline is a little girl passionate about disguises and riddles of all kinds. The novels, illustrated and written by Chris Ridell, are filled with mystery and poetry. The last volume, Apolline and the purple fox, was waited 7 years by the fans before finally leaving in May 2017. The name Apolline comes from the god Apollon, Greek god of the light and the beauty. His birthday: February 9th. Discover in book the stories of Apolline!


Flora veterinarian is a series for all children who love animals, adventure and mystery ... The girl and her friends do not hesitate to brave the adventures to help the creatures with hairs or feathers. The name Flora, root of Flora and Flower, is also the name of the Roman goddess of vegetation. His birthday: November 24th. Discover in book the adventures of Flora!

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