How to teach my child to sit well?

How to teach my child to sit well?

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Say hello, thank you, goodbye, but also do not cut the floor and sit well at the table ... For your child, being polite is not obvious, it can be learned. Here's how to guide him and teach him that life in society is an exchange of respect and recognition.

  • The rules of politeness concerning meals are numerous. It is up to you to judge what seems to you unavoidable or excessive, according to the age and the rhythm of your child. Because the meal must remain a moment of pleasure.
  • Do not demand from him what you do not do and do not ask too much at night because he will be tired. On the other hand, enjoy weekends to revise with your family ...

The posture

  • Before the age of 3, it is useless to ask your child to stand up straight to the table, without moving, he will not be able to do it.
  • After this age, you will help him to adopt a good position by making sure that his chair is neither too far nor too close to the table (if he is too small, put a cushion so that he is at the right place height).
  • Explain to him also that one should not put elbows on the table.

Eat with your fingers

  • From 2 years old, your child is big enough to hold a small fork and catch the pieces you cut.
  • If he does not succeed, it is because his dexterity is not yet sufficiently developed and he needs your help. Later, he will learn that it is the food that comes to the mouth and not the other way around.

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