How to help my child learn with mind-mapping?

How to help my child learn with mind-mapping?

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In their book "Learning differently with positive pedagogy" Audrey Akoun and Isabelle Pailleau propose to parents to experiment with their child a new way of learning: mind-mapping.

What is mind-mapping?

  • It is a tool for representing information spatially, visually, colored on a sheet. For example, a lesson written from top to bottom and from right to left on a sheet of your child's notebook will be represented by a kind of card, with the main question at the center (eg what is a mapping?) and around as branches that correspond to the different important points to remember.
  • In other words, to understand and remember what the mind-mapping, we would draw at least 4 branches bearing the different questions that we ask on this topic: what is it? to do what ? what are the advantages ? when can we use it?

Why use mind-mapping?

  • The interest of this card (or mind-map) is that you can co-build it with your child. You draw the map, ask the questions and answer him by drawing the branches and coloring them. Being active because it answers your questions, and draws the answers in color. He also learns to learn.

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