20 first names cuddles for baby

20 first names cuddles for baby

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Need a little sweetness? We have prepared for you a selection of names with soft sounds or cuddly meaning to warm your heart.

Karine Ancelet

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20 cuddly baby names (20 pics)

Sweet names: Liam


Anglo-Saxon form of William, this derivative of William will tempt you for your little boy. You can also choose one of its derivatives: Lyam, Liham or Lyham, equally sweet.

His party : January 10th.

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Sweet names: Milan


In Slavic, "milan" means the beloved ... it is undoubtedly that it deserves this sweet name with retro charm.

His party May 22nd.

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Sweet names: Hanaé


Words "hana", flower, and "é", drawing, here is a beautiful Japanese feminine name which means blessed flower of the gods. A pinnacle of sweetness, right?

His party : July 26th.

Sweet names: Loan


For girl or boy, Loan is a name of Celtic origin which translates as soft light. Your little end will probably brighten your days. You can also prefer one of its derivatives Loanne, Louen or Loana!

His party : August 28th.

Sweet names: Neela


A pretty Indian name for girl that means blue ... and sweet to the ears. There is no known date ... it's up to you to choose the one you like!

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Sweet names: Elyne


Derived from Helene, Elyne has a warm etymology since it means sun shine in Greek. Let's bet that your princess will warm your heart with her sweetness.

His party : August 18th.

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Sweet names: Melody


From the Greek "melôdia", song, its harmonious, this Anglo-Saxon form of Melody is Party December 14th.

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Sweet names: Naïs


From Hebrew "hannah", grace, this sweet name will go to a girl as well as a boy. Its Provençal charm seduces you?

His party : July 26th.

Sweet names: Nolan


It is by its character that the name Nolan is a pledge of sweetness, because your little Nola will be cuddly and sensitive. A Celtic name derived from "niall", meaning young champion.

His party : December 5 with Neil or November 1 with all the saints because he has no patron saint.

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Sweet names: Amaël


A Celtic name with a certain charm and sweetness when pronounced, the Celtic word "mael", which means prince ... a good idea for your little prince of love to you?

His party : May 13th.

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Sweet names: Jade


From the Spanish "piedra de la ijada", which means flank stone, here is a name imbued with sweetness and protection ... especially since this stone of the same name would protect bad spells.

His party : March 10 with Esmeralda or June 29 with Pierre.

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Sweet names: Anne


From Hebrew "hannah", grace ... it is also the name of the Virgin Mary in the Gospels. As sweet as him, his derivatives Hannah, Ninon or Annaelle.

His party : July 26th.

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Sweet names: Halana


Tranquility in Hawaiian or beautiful and calm in Celtic ... here is the meaning of this beautiful princess name. Seduced?

His party : September 9th.

Sweet names: Anissa


Kind, cordial ... that's what this sweet name means in Arabic. We can bring him closer to sweet Agnes, for his party February 5 for example because it does not.

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Sweet names: Lilou


A flowered name for your princess, it is a pledge of sweetness. Provencal form of Lilia, Latin lilium, the lily, symbol of purity in the Middle Ages, this is a name that pleases a lot with its prefix "li" ultra-feminine! He is also in the top 20 first names 2016.

His party : March 15 with Louise or July 27 with Lilia.

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Sweet names: Angel


Girl or boy ... angels do not have sex, it's well known! A name derived from the Latin "angelos" which means the messenger. A name full of hope.

His party : May 5th.

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Sweet names: Angelique


Whether it is the plant used in pastry in the form of candied fruit to flavor desserts or a certain Marquise des Anges ... this name of the Greek "eggelos", the messenger, sounds sweet to our ears. Not you ?

His party : January 27th.

Sweet names: Lalie

The dregs

Too soft ! From Greek "eulalos" meaning sweet language, here is a name that sings softly to our ears. We also love its derivative Lia!

His party : December 10th.

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Sweet names: Guillain


Sweet ... quite simply, here is the meaning of this Germanic name which hides a protective character for his entourage under a certain determination.

His party : October 10th.

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Sweet names: Mélina


A sweet name, from Greek "meli", which means honey ... and melts in the mouth when pronounced.

His party : November 10th.


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