20 english names for boys

20 english names for boys

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Want a baby first name? Good idea ! Right now, they are really trendy, carried by births in the "so british" royal family. So, are you going to go for Archie, George or Ryan or Cameron? Discover quickly our selection of English names for little boy.

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20 first names for boys (20 photos)


It is by this first name that our selection begins, because Archie could reach the top in England ... and not only! At the root of this recent craze was the birth on May 6, 2019 of Meghan Markle's baby and Prince Harry's Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Original, this name is a diminutive of Archibald, itself English form of the Germanic name Erkanbald, the words "aircan", natural, authentic, and "bald", bold, bold, brave ... traits that go with that first name. His birthday: April 30th. More information about first name Archie


Royal baby name of Prince William and Kate Middleton, born July 22, 2013, George, Anglo-Saxon version of our Georges, comes from the Greek "georgios", which means worker of the earth. A royal choice because it was the name of George VI, great-grandfather of William. Again, it's a name that should be popular in the coming years in England. It is celebrated on April 23 and hides a character both wise and curious. More information about the first name George


The name of the future King of England is the English version of French Guillaume and comes from the Germanic words "wil", will, and "helm", helmet. It is timeless in English-speaking countries and continues to be awarded regularly. His character ? Honest, straight, loving nature and great outdoors. His birthday: January 10th.


This name very popular in Britain comes from the Germanic "heim", home, and "ric", powerful. Two celebrities grow this first name, derivative Anglo-Saxon Henry: the brother of William, of course, but also Harry Potter! A name with a strong character that is celebrated on July 13th.


This Anglo-Saxon name that comes from the words "constancy" and "firmness" in Hebrew is appreciated across the Channel. The name of a little boy, who is in love with justice and quick wit, is celebrated on the 7th of March. More information on the first name Ethan


This English name is derived from the word "dear", which means dear or loved ... what to bring full of confidence to your little end who, calm and sociable will charm you and be loved. As he has no known date of celebration, why not with Aimé on September 13th. More information about first name Darrel


This Anglo-Saxon form of William is popular on the other side of the Channel. This derivative of Guillaume is composed of the terms "will" and "helm" which mean respectively will and helmet. Volunteer, your little end will surely be, but it will be as discreet and reserved. His birthday: January 10th.


The name Alistair is the English form of our Alexander, the Greek "alexein", protge, and "andros" which means manly man. Do you need a shoulder? You can count on him! His birthday: April 22nd. More information about first name Alistair


English version of James, James comes from the Hebrew "ya'aqob", meaning that God favors. A name that is celebrated on July 25th and cacahe an independent character and a little secret.


Mixed first name, Cameron derives its origin in the Celtic language, more precisely from the Gaelic term "camshron" which is translated by crooked nose. Is it a coincidence if, on the personality side, Cameron will be the king to lead you by the nose with his charmer side? His birthday: August 21st. More information about first name Cameron


Biblical name, Adam means in Hebrew man (formed with) red earth. Adam is celebrated on June 17 and has an ambitious and voluntary character.


It's not just here that this name is popular! It is also very popular in all English-speaking countries. Nathan comes from the Hebrew "nathan", which means God gave. Generosity is also the main character trait of this beautiful name to celebrate August 24th.


This name comes from the old English "broad leah", which signifies vast clearing. It is celebrated on January 1st and will guarantee you a calm and cuddly child.


Diminutive of Leonard, this name comes from the Latin "leo", which means the lion ... yet it is a little boy cuddly and very sweet waiting for you! His birthday: November 6th.


Although masculine, the name Damian comes from the Greek "Damia", nickname of the goddess Cybele, deity of the fertility and the harvest. It is celebrated on September 26 and hides a serene and protective personality.


From the Irish "rigan", meaning young king, Ryan was first used as a surname before becoming a first name. Curious and eager to discover, Ryan celebrates on March 8th. More information about first name Ryan


From the Greek "andros", man, Andy is a diminutive of Andrew, himself from the French name André. This name, which hides an extroverted and sociable character, is celebrated on November 30th. More information about first name Andy


Anglo-Saxon form of Olivier, this name comes from the Latin word "oliva", denoting the olive. Determined and courageous, Oliver celebrates July 12th.


Mixed name, Taylor comes from an old English family name that designated tailors or clothing manufacturers. Creative and ambitious, Taylor is celebrating September 24th.


Inspired by an Irish surname, Malone can be translated as "descendant of the servant of Saint John". Imaginative and quick-witted, Malone is celebrating on November 15th.