15. Christmas hearts

15. Christmas hearts

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From December 1st to the 25th, you have one idea a day to accompany your children around Christmas. Today, December 15: a DIY idea.

  • In red and white, felt hearts to hang on the tree or gift packages. A DIY idea easy to achieve with your elves.

You need :

  • red felt and white
  • small white pearls
  • cord
  • a pair of scissors
  • glue


  • Step 1 : cut hearts of different sizes in the felt.
  • 2nd step : lay two hearts of different sizes and colors and glue them with a dot of glue.
  • Step 3: punch a hole in the top of your heart and slide the cord.
  • Step 4: put on a pearl for the decoration.
  • Step 5: hang your hearts on the tree or on your gift packs.

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