Brico-deco: letters of dreams

Brico-deco: letters of dreams

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Here are some lovely decorative letters! His name, a word that makes you dream ... they will be beautiful on a shelf or desk. A DIY activity to share with your child (or to make yourself to decorate your child's room or baby's!).

Creation and realization Elisabeth Tzimakas
Photos Matthieu Csech.

Brico-deco: letters of dreams (5 photos)

Brico-deco: letters of dreams


  • Letters in medium corresponding to the chosen word
  • 5 sheets of matching patterned gift wrap
  • A pot of vinyl glue and glue brush
  • A light gray paint tube and a flat brush
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Brico-deco: letters of dreams

Step 1

Paint the edge of each letter in two layers of gray paint.
Let it dry 10 minutes after each coat.

Brico-deco: letters of dreams

2nd step

With the pencil, reproduce the outline of each letter on two different papers, letter posed on the front side on one side and back side on the other.

Brico-deco: letters of dreams

Step 3

Cut out each paper letter on its path. Paste the surface of the letter in medium and apply it to it in paper.

Here, your letters are ready to be asked!

Brico-deco: letters of dreams

Tips +

  • Neat finishes: do not panic if the papers are slightly overflowing with the letters ?: let dry well then cut the overhangs flush with the medium with the scissors or a cutter.
  • Variations: these double-sided letters are intended to be placed as decoration on a piece of furniture. If you plan to stick them on a support (wall, door) to mark it with a message or a name, dress only the front of each letter. In any case locate the papers that you want to appear on each side before starting to avoid duplicates.
  • Where to find the material? Medium letters are sold at Cultura


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