12 first names ... white as snow

12 first names ... white as snow

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White, the color of snow and purity, you may be melting the heart with these ideas of names that, Latin, Celtic, Tahitian or Germanic, all have the etymological sense snow or white. Ready to melt?

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12 first names ... white as snow (12 photos)


Girl or boy ... this is a name of Celtic origin which means white, pure. Gwenn is also a frequent diminutive for names such as Gwenllian, Gwenlaouen, Gwentrog, etc. To celebrate October 18th. Saint Gwenn, wife of Saint Fragan and mother of Saint Gwenolé in the 6th century is very honored in several cities of Brittany. Other ideas? Gwen, Gwennig, Gwenna, Gwennaig, Gwennen, Gwennan ...


Original, this feminine name evokes the whiteness in Bengali ... If you are looking for a rare name, it is for you! And you will also choose its date of celebration because it does not have one!


From Latin "albus", which means white, here is a name that is also available in Albine or Albina for girls. And under his cold airs ... he hides a fiery temperament! To celebrate September 15 with St. Albin, Bishop of Lyon in the fourth century.


Original, Zuri is a name that means "beautiful" in Swahili, but also white in Basque. He is masculine ... but why not make it a mixed first name? No party date known ... choose yours!


From the Germanic "blank" meaning bright white, this name was common in the Middle Ages and it is that of the mother of Saint Louis, Blanche of Castile. An ideal name for your princess? To celebrate October 3rd or 18th.


"White trace" (like those of skis in the powder), here is the Celtic meaning of this name that we meet especially in Britain. It is mixed and has no known date of celebration ... choose yours!


Very widespread in the Germanic and Scandinavian countries, Bianca comes from the Germanic "blanke", which means white, brilliant shine. This is the Italian and Corsican version of Blanche. Saint Bianca was a martyr in Rome in the 2nd century and celebrated on October 3rd.


This name comes from the warm and means white, clear in Tahitian. It is also a derivative of the name Theana, the Greek "theos", God. To celebrate July 25th.


Latin "alba", which means white, is a name that is found mainly in Spain and Italy, where there the word "alba" means dawn. His sound in A could seduce us. To celebrate June 22 with Alban.


First name Celtic, Fiona comes from the Gaelic "fionn" which means white, beautiful. It's the equivalent of Breton Gwenn. It's a name that is also found in Scotland and the Anglo-Saxon countries. To celebrate October 6 with Foy d'Agen who undergoes martyrdom in 303.


From the Latin "clarus", which means white, Chiara is an Italian derivative of the name Claire and is celebrated with her on August 11 or October 29 for St. Chiara, an Italian who devoted her life to the education of children.


Another name that derives from the Latin word "albus", white ... like snow. To celebrate March 1st.


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