Energy drinks: young children too?

Energy drinks: young children too?

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Consuming energy drinks is not without harmful effects on health. However, they are very successful, especially among teenagers.

What is it?

  • The drinks called "energizing" have the particularity of containing a much higher dose of caffeine than in conventional caffeinated sodas. It produces an exciting effect because a single can is equivalent to a cup of coffee while you have to drink a quarter of a liter of soda to reach the same caffeine dosage. The main effects of caffeine are to stimulate the brain and fight against fatigue, but also to excite the heart and accelerate the heart rate.

Beverages appreciated by 68% of 10-18 year olds

  • These drinks seduce a lot of teenagers who drink them most often at the same time with alcohol, creating an explosive cocktail that can lead to heart problems. Faced with the trivialization of these behaviors, the European Food Safety Agency has just published the results of a survey revealing that about 68% of subjects between 10 and 18 years questioned have already consumed at least one of these drinks.

Children from 3-10 years old too!

  • Surprise, these drinks are also consumed by the youngest! The European Food Safety Agency survey revealed that 18% of children aged 3 to 10 reported drinking at least once in recent months.
  • A reality which hardly surprises the professor Patrick Tounian, head of the pediatric nutrition service at the Trousseau hospital, in Paris, since "the sweet taste of these drinks is likely to appeal to young children". The pediatrician, however, dwells more on the dangerousness of the banalization of the consumption of these drinks among adolescents.
  • "Even if they are not recommended especially in young children, these drinks are not dangerous when they are consumed anecdotally, said Patrick Tounian. For the parents, he says that "for a child of 6 years of about 20 kg, a can of energy drink produces the effect of 3 cups of coffee! So, better not to abuse".

Frédérique Odasso

(News of March 18, 2013)

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