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Blogs, tweets, social media assets for moms

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Becoming a mother gives rise to many questions. And the desire to share his feelings, his questions, his tiredness ... with other moms. Thus was born the generation of connected moms. An active and humorous generation that, from blogs to tweets, reassures and helps one another on the net.

Motherhood creates links

  • "I created in 2007 at the birth of my daughter to take a step back on my daily mother overwhelmed, says Isabelle Cantarero, blogger and mother of two children of 5 and 8 years old I did not know that I put the feet in a parallel world! " A world that today is attended by nearly 18 million women, half of whom are mothers. (1). For the youngest generation of these "Digital Mums", 18 to 29 years old, the Internet is even the second source of information after their own mom!
  • A link unites all those users of the internet: motherhood. "Leon pat me, what to do? In your opinion what is the best stroller? Do you know a kids friendly restaurant here?" Or, photo support: "these pimples are those of a chickenpox?" . A nice polyphony where also the voice of some bloggers.

Paternity too

  • "I created my blog just after the birth of my binoculars," recalls Michael, creator of and dad Violette 5 years, Rose and Eglantine, 3 years. "I share my drawings and my moods, it's also a living testimony that I want to leave to my daughters," he says. In the meantime, what motivates Michael is the exchanges : "I did a lot of good knowledge on my blog among readers or other bloggers.I often make paired tickets, as with Mary blog where I illustrate what she tells.
  • With Juliette, blog, we have fun to tell our two visions of the same situation "Jeveux1bebe VS PapaCube". Guaranteed laughs! "His blog remains a pleasure break in his busy daily life between work and his 3 daughters, an appointment he offers between 10 pm and midnight.

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