Blinis of roquefort with salmon eggs

Blinis of roquefort with salmon eggs

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A recipe easy to make, full of freshness and festive to enjoy with your family during your party aperitifs.


For 4 people :

  • 12 mini-blinis
  • 60 g Roquefort Spread Company
  • 15 g of salmon eggs
  • Some cress basil leaves or fresh herbs


Fill a pastry bag with a fluted socket with Roquefort spread.

At the same time, warm up the blini.

Put on each one a beautiful rosette of Roquefort to spread.

Sprinkle with some salmon eggs and garnish with cress basil or fresh herbs.

Council +:

You can make your home blini paste: 1 egg, 100 g of flour, 5 g of baker's dry yeast and salt. Let the dough rest for one hour in the refrigerator before cooking the blini in a blini stove.

Photo: Roquefort Company