Bisphenol A: the Assembly votes the ban!

Bisphenol A: the Assembly votes the ban!

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Unanimously ! The bill PS favorable to the ban of bisphenol A was voted Wednesday in the National Assembly. It will nevertheless be necessary to wait until 2014, for this chemical to disappear from food containers. On the other hand, the application of the law will begin in 2013 for products intended for children under 3 years of age. (News of 14/10/11)

A law that promotes the health interest

  • Suspected for many years of having harmful consequences on human health, bisphenol A, BPA, was banned in the manufacture of baby bottles in 2010.
  • BPA has been the subject of many years of studies to invalidate or confirm its safety.
  • The most recent, presented by ANSES * 15 days ago, has demonstrated proven harmful effects in animals and suspected in humans.
  • While waiting for additional results, ANSES insisted on the need to protect fragile populations: pregnant women, breastfeeding women and young children from now on.
  • Wednesday, the National Assembly chose to vote unanimously the proposed ban on BPA, supported by the PS group and supported by the government.

Why wait ?

  • The ban on the use of BPA in the manufacture of food containers will begin in 2014.
  • Minister Xavier Bertrand added an amendment, implementing the law in 2013 for products for children under 3 years of age.
  • According to specialists, ANSES in mind, it seems necessary to wait in order to have a necessary perspective on the safety of BPA replacement products.
  • Meanwhile, ANSES advocates for more safety the use of glass bottles.
  • Xavier Bertrand confirmed that an information campaign aimed specifically at pregnant and lactating women as well as parents of young children would be launched.

* Handles: National Agency of Sanitary Security, Food, WorkFrédérique Odasso