Well eat pregnant, easy!

Your pregnant concerns? Do not take too much weight, eat enough so that your baby develops well and does not arrive exhausted the day of delivery and maintain strength to live serenely your first weeks with your infant.

  • During your pregnancy, you have two main concerns: do not gain too much weight and eat enough so that your baby does not suffer from deficiencies. In fact, you should also have at least one other: do not arrive exhausted the day of the birth and maintain strength to live serenely your first weeks with your infant. All these objectives are perfectly reconcilable. Provided, of course, to have a balanced diet and avoid some pitfalls because the misconceptions (and often false!) On the diet of the pregnant woman have a hard life. In eight questions, Dr. Jean-Pierre Ruasse, nutritionist doctor, helps you to see clearly.

Should you eat twice as much when you are pregnant?

  • If you have a balanced diet, that is to say that you eat everything in reasonable quantity, do not change anything! It would be useless to eat more. Certainly, to support a pregnancy and to ensure the harmonious development of your future baby requires a need of calories a little more important than in normal time. But everything is planned to cover it without having to modify what we usually eat.
  • Women are genetically programmed to make babies ... therefore, your body adapts. During the first phase of your pregnancy, you make reserves, accumulating fats and proteins (especially in your muscles). During this time, your future baby grows quite a bit, it takes shape and draws its organs. From the fifth month onwards, you release your reserves. It is with this energy made available that your toddler will expand until the end.

Should I avoid fats so I do not get too fat?

  • Especially not ! They are absolutely essential for the construction of your baby's nervous system as well as the manufacture of the membranes of its cells.
  • Should we consume all fats? Because we hear a lot about "good" (based on unsaturated fatty acids including the famous omega-3) and "bad" (based on saturated fatty acids, present for example in butter or whole dairy products) . The answer is yes ! The fetus needs all types of fat without exception. If he misses it at a certain moment of the gestation when he needs it, he will not catch up with it later. So no skinny diet! Of course, it is not forbidden to take care of hidden grease, for example in cooked dishes: no need to add.

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