Babies swimmers? What happiness!

Babies swimmers? What happiness!

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Want to see your toddler evolve like a fish in the water? Share with him an aquatic activity. Have fun splashing dad, make waves, float on a mat near mom, feel his body evolve in a different environment ... a real treat.

Not so long ago, your child was still floating in an aquatic world ... your belly! In the water, your little porpoise finds with pleasure sensations known in utero. So why not sign up for baby swimmers? This aquatic activity of awakening and leisure will allow him to share with you a moment of play, exchanges and discoveries.

Why baby swimmers?

  • Water is above all a great place for exchange between you and your baby. In addition, she reinforces her feeling of confidence. Through play, your child evolves at ease in a new element, all his senses awake.
  • A body to feel. Between 1 and 2 years, your child opens to the world, especially on the psychomotor level. In the water, he experiments in all three dimensions all the possibilities of his body. Awesome !
  • The discovery of new experiences. He realizes that he can act on the water: to blow, to beat, to make waves, to splash ...
  • Sharing emotions with dad-mom. These baby swimmer sessions are an opportunity to be closer to your little one. Skin against skin, you are at the same height, this position favors looks, hugs, smiles. It's an exclusive moment that you live with two.
  • The meeting with others. He develops relationships with other children and facilitators. These games multiply the contacts and allow him to find his place in the group.

Baby swimmers ... and not even scared!

  • Your presence (dad, mom or both together in the water) helps your child to trust him.
  • Ask for advice. The specifically trained animator, present with you in the water, proposes situations of games and gives the objective of the session. He chooses the material, explains the steps and it's up to you to play. Several sessions can be devoted to a theme: entry into the water for example. The facilitator provides you with personalized explanations and advice adapted to your child.
  • Encourage him to act alone. To help him get into the water, invite him to slide down the slide into your arms. Gradually, the games will allow him to know how to get away from you and to move autonomously.

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