10 things I forgot about the arrival of baby

10 things I forgot about the arrival of baby

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You had made a nice list ... But even when planning to the maximum, there is so much to plan for the birth of baby that we always forget a little something!

1. The car seat (knowing that the maternity hospital is 30 km from you ...)

Either you try to walk despite the distance (hoping to lose some weight taken during pregnancy in passing), or you ask dad to buy a car seat in emergency ... Not easy to make a choice among all existing models, but as long as it is a Group 0 (0 to 6 months old) car gondola or a Group 0+ car hull (from birth to 9 months), it should be 'case.

2. A nice breastfeeding scarf for a stylish mom

More than a beautiful fashion accessory, the nursing scarf or apron allows you to breastfeed baby "in public" while preserving your chest from prying eyes.

3. Anti-crack cream (ouch!)

All to the joy of breastfeeding baby, you have forgotten that breastfeeding can be accompanied by crevasses nipples ... More than buy an emergency (do not hesitate to seek advice from your pharmacist).

4. Sufficient water packs to hold a seat (or almost)

The daily preparation of baby bottles requires a lot of water. And not just any, please: spring water, or mineral-weak mineral water. If you have room, it is better to store several packs: it avoids shopping in disaster while your only desire is to stay calm with baby.

5. Saline (it's used every day!)

This annoying forgetfulness will be quickly repaired by taking a walk to the pharmacy. You can then use saline to clean the eyes and nose of your baby every day. It can even be used to clean small wounds.

6. A resealable dust bin (for diapers ...)

Should we really dwell on the interest of this type of trash when changing diapers and the inconvenience caused by his forgetfulness?

7. Oleo-limestone liniment (to avoid small red buttocks)

Ultra-soft, the oleo-limestone liniment is perfect for moisturizing baby's skin, especially its small buttocks when they are all irritated.

8. A fly-baby (store the tissue box for later)

One thing is clear: an infant does not have the ability to blow his nose alone. A fact all the more annoying that it catchles easily ... A fly-baby, manual or electronic, is very useful to relieve baby.

9. A "baby special" file (his first "french manicure" is not for today)

The nails of the infant are very fragile: they would tear if you use a chisel, but it is necessary to do something so that baby does not claw ... Your best ally: the nail file for baby. Around the age of 2 months, you can then use a baby nail scissors and then a baby nail clipper from about 6 months old.

10. Gentle laundry for even softer skin

You may not think about it, but washing baby clothes with phosphate-rich detergents and / or containing softeners can irritate your delicate skin: check the composition of your laundry before using it.

Karine Ancelet

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