Banana in compote (Huriez)

Banana in compote (Huriez)

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Baby does not like fruits? And if we offered to eat them differently? A recipe from 4 months:


  • 1 ripe banana but not blackened
  • 1 packet of vanilla sugar (optional)


Carefully wash the banana by gently brushing it, and cook it for 10 minutes steam Present the whole banana on a plate, split the skin on the sides and detach the skin from the top, like a lid: the banana is cooked through inside and crushes itself in compote, with a spoon. Eventually, sprinkle with vanilla sugar. If Baby is bigger, we can add a little cream on the banana. In the absence of a good instrument for cooking with steam, an aluminum strainer placed on the pan of boiling water can very well do the trick (then count 20 min of cooking, turning the banana after 10 min. ) or poach it in a pot of boiling water.


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