Plane: should we tax the obese?

Plane: should we tax the obese?

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While Air France-Klm could soon tax obese people who fly, Christophe Barbier, editorialist and editor of the Express, takes a position to say the least radical. He proposes to differentiate obesities "suffered" obesity due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Patrick Tounian (in photo), professor in gastroenterology and pediatric nutrition at the Trousseau hospital in Paris, answers him.

What do you think about Christophe Barbier's proposal to differentiate obesity from genetic obesity to know who should be taxed when flying?

  • It's great ! M.Barbier distinguishes obesity suffered and obesity whose subject is responsible and who pays " the price of deregulated eating behavior I say that all obesity is by definition, so he is right that when obesity is experienced, people are victims and therefore do not have to pay a tax when they travel.

Is it wrong to link obesity with eating behavior?

  • All obesities are suffered. They should not be confused with overweight situations. Do not believe that a person is obese because it eats too much, it does not exist. You can change your diet to lose weight but when you are obese, it is irreversible. He must ignore it. Christophe Barbier is lucky to be thin ... To better understand, he must know that it is as difficult to lose weight obese as to grow a lean.

Interviewed by Stéphanie Letellier

To listen to Christophe Barbier's editorial, click here.