Before the start, we advance bedtime!

Before the start, we advance bedtime!

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After each holiday period, it's time for your children to regain a more regular sleep pattern. Sleep early, get up early, but how do you get there? The advice of our specialist.

Why is it important to give children good bedtime habits a few days before school starts?

  • During the holidays, the children go to bed and get up later. If we do not prepare them a few days in advance, they will not be able to fall asleep sooner or later. They may be deprived of sleep, which can lead to frailty, fatigue, deconcentration and irritability. But the day of the return, it is the opposite opposite which they need. We will ask them a lot of attention and energy.

How to do concretely to advance the bedtime?

  • The whole family will have to change their habits. Parents can not ask their child to change pace if they do not change theirs. This will include eating earlier, not doing stimulating activity after 20 hours, but instead give pride to the evening story or hugs.

It is also important to get up early to resume good habits?

  • You have to put them back in a frame so as to re-advance not only the bedtime but also the wake up time. It is also necessary that they be active as soon as possible after waking, once, of course, that they have their breakfast. It may be a stroll, a ball game in the garden or something else, but they must not sit idly by.

And this weekend, a last vigil before the start, good or bad idea?

  • Surely not ! If we enter a phase of reframing, we stick to it, otherwise, it is useless!

Stéphanie Letellier with Sylvie Royant-Parola, psychiatrist and president of the Morphée network

* Health network dedicated to the management of chronic sleep disorders.

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