10 questions about breastfeeding

10 questions about breastfeeding

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Your toddler will be born or is already there and you want to give it the best of yourself, the best food? Do you dream of breastfeeding with tenderness? How to be sure to succeed in this unforgettable experience?

1. Breast-feeding, should I be helped?

  • Breastfeeding takes a few days or even weeks of adaptation, for you and your baby. It is therefore important to be supported and informed from the beginning if you want everything to go well and your toddler sucks enough milk.
  • For your delivery, choose a place where the conditions for breastfeeding will be favorable. For example, hospitals that carry the international label "Friend of babies", still few, pledge to support you.
  • Associations that offer hotlines and moms meetings for breastfeeding are also there to guide you.

2. Do you need big breasts to breastfeed?

  • Lactation does not depend on the size of the breasts, but on the baby's appetite ... It is he, while nursing, which stimulates your production: the more your toddler sucks, the more milk you will have !

3. Does breastfeeding require a special diet?

  • You can eat everything without restriction. And, of course, it is recommended to drink a lot, especially water.
  • Tea, coffee, cauliflower and citrus fruits are allowed in case of breastfeeding, but it is important to stay tuned for your baby If you have a stomach ache or if it seems agitated, reduce your consumption of these products.

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