Increased adoption abroad in 2010

Increased adoption abroad in 2010

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French families have adopted more children abroad this year. According to figures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, revealed by Le Figaro, the adoption recorded in 2010 an increase of 14%. An increase extremely related to the arrival in the Hexagon of many Haitian children. (News of 14/01/11)

Adoption abroad in a few words

  • Since 1995, the Hague Convention legally borders intercountry adoption.
  • To avoid child traffickingthe convention prohibits direct adoptions. Adoptive parents can not contact the parents of the child directly.

The situation in Haiti, a determining factor

  • 3504 children were adopted in 2010 in France, against 3000 children in 2009.
  • 992 children of the 3504 came from Haiti, where adoption procedures were accelerated because of the earthquake that ravaged the country in January 2010.
  • Haiti has always been the first country of origin Adopted children in France and allowed adoption by single parents.
  • Until further notice, Haiti has for the moment suspended any new adoption procedure

Frédérique Odasso