Fire firefighters!

Fire firefighters!

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Today, Patrick, our Super Nanny, there is smoke ... but, fortunately, no fire! This is an excellent opportunity to remind children of what to do in case of an emergency.

  • It's snack time. On the table, the toaster is subject to harsh negotiations, it is who will be the fastest to lower the pusher and manipulate the knob thermostat. Bambi is winning. She has mocking victory, and Sam sulks a little when we leave the kitchen.
  • I train Bambi in the bathroom for an express wash. Sam, who hangs out, ends up joining us there. Lubin's finger tensed suddenly.
  • "Has it smoke!" he said.
  • I turn and see, in fact, smoke coming out of the kitchen whose door is ajar. I rush in, in and out quickly. And I immediately reassure the children while offering them a little game.
  • "Children, we're going to repeat the exercise for the fire, you know what to do?"
  • "Call the pinpowers!" Bambi says, sure of herself.
  • "It's not me !" chained Sam, a little panicked.
  • "We'll see later, call the fire department."
  • I pretend to pick up the phone and dial 18. In the handset, I give the address and hang up.
  • "And now ?"

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