At the heart of a neonatology service

At the heart of a neonatology service

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In Paris, the Maternity Hospital of Port-Royal has 63 cradles in its neonatology and neonatal resuscitation department. A service that flies to the rescue of these babies born too early and helps their parents find their place. To understand the reality surrounding premature birth, we spent a day there.

  • "How was the night?" When she arrives every day at 1:30 pm, Joanna, a 28-year-old mother, immediately asks for news of her children, very premature triplets, born at 28 weeks of amenorrhea, hospitalized for 10 weeks. Since the opening of the new neonatology service in late February, Gabriel, Aaron and Isaac are finally in the same room, a spacious room with a large bay window. "It's big, quiet and everything is new, it's also more intimate, it has nothing to do with the old service in terms of comfort," says the young mother.
  • If, today, his children are going relatively well,

    At birth, Isaac, Gabriel and Aaron weighed just over 1 kg

    even though Aaron still has significant reflux and Gabriel, some stomach problems, Joanna knows that they come back from afar: "I repeat it often, but the medical team saved the life of my babies, I will be grateful to them all my "Hospitalized at Port-Royal maternity hospital at 26 weeks of pregnancy because her cervix was beginning to open, she was placed on corticosteroids to allow her children's lungs to mature faster, in anticipation of imminent birth. Twelve days later, the young woman gave birth: "In a multiple pregnancy, the doctors tell you what levels to reach, 28 weeks was the first they had set me and I have unfortunately not gone further."
  • At birth, Isaac, Gabriel and Aaron weighed just over 1 kg. Today, they are over 3 kg. But the way to get there was long and difficult for them, as for their parents: "When they were born, the real shock was to discover them so small, their hands were as big as one of my knuckles. I did not dare to touch them In the first few weeks, I had real moments of anxiety, especially when the doctors suspected an infection at Aaron's, I also remember the time when I saw it becoming blue in Because of a respiratory problem, I stopped breathing at the same time as him, but the medical team always supported us, it helped us to maintain morale, even if they never hid the risks. But as parents, we can not go bad, otherwise how can our babies get well? "Joanna asks.

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