10 Halloween names for little monsters

10 Halloween names for little monsters

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Joffrey, Jason, Freddy, Christine ... For the Halloween party on October 31, offers a selection of names worthy of the greatest horror movies. Come on, not even afraid, your little monster will be a real little heart!

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10 Halloween names for little monsters (10 photos)


Freddy Krueger is the scariest villain in the horror story with The Claws of the Night directed by Wes Craven ... In addition as this psychopathic killer looks invincible and immortal, the nightmare does seem never end! Your little tip will never give you a nightmare ... if you cut the nails well! The Freddy name, diminutive of Frederick comes from the Germanic "frido" which means "peace" and "rik" which means "king". To celebrate the 18th of July.


In the cult series Game of Thrones, the real villain is him! Joffrey is an arrogant and cruel prince destined to reign over the kingdom of the Seven Crowns. Rest assured, your little prince will be nicer to you and will be able to go about it gently to govern his little kingdom. Let's not forget that the name Joffrey, derived from "Godefroy", comes from two Germanic words: "god" and "frid", meaning "god" and "peace" respectively ... Everything will be fine!


Michael Myers is the serial killer of the Halloween film series directed by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. This white-masked villain, pursues nine movies during his family members for the simple reason ... they are family members! Do not panic, your loulou to you will be so cute that he will just be the executioner of the hearts of the whole household! Derived from the name Michel, Michael comes from the Hebrew mi-kha-el, meaning "who is like God". You see, not even scared! His birthday: January 13th.


A car with evil powers this Christine John Carpenter movie ... hope your little girl will behave better! The name Christine comes from the Greek "kristos", which means sacred. It is celebrated on July 24th.


Brr! Friday 13th of Sean S. Cunningham, this is one of the most terrible horror movies! A serial killer, Jason Voorhes murdered everyone on Crystal Lake's land where he drowned because of the Colo monitors he was there. But hey, if you keep your little Jason warm to you at home ... his intentions will be rather cuddly! In Greek, the name Jason means "the healer" (you see, it's cool) and it is celebrated on July 12th.


Of course, there is nothing very reassuring, Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, directed by Jonathan Demme. This psychopathic ex-psychiatrist certainly has cannibalistic tendencies, but it is also a seductive monster, incredibly intelligent, refined, cultured, refined ... Prepare good dishes for your little trickster to you and everything will be fine! The name Hannibal comes from the Phoenician and means "grace of the god Baal". His birthday: June 1st.


A doll with devilish intentions ... it's Annabelle in the cult movie of John R. Leonetti. Let's bet that your doll will be able to handle you too, but at the same time! Let's not forget that the name Annabelle is derived from the Hebrew hannah which means "grace". Still scared?


It's not good to make fun of Carrie! In Carrie at the ball of the devil Brian De Palma, this college uses her supernatural powers to take revenge on all those who bore ... learn quickly your little girl to overcome the jokes with humor. It is also likely to suffer little from the etymology of this name comes from the Latin "carus" meaning beloved, dear. "You see? Her party: November 7.


Jack the Ripper or Jack Torrance in Stanley Kubrick's film Shining ... that's a scary name! But you will not let yourself be impressed, right? To your little Jack to change the course of history by revealing himself as an angel ... The name Jack comes from the Hebrew ya'aqob which means "that God favors". His birthday: July 25th.


Adopted by a family, the young Esther of Jaume Collet-Serra's film is far from being an ordinary child ... we all remember with a shiver of the scene on the frozen lake! But hey, we reassure ourselves by remembering that Esther is not really his real name, right? From Persian Ester, "Star" and Hebrew lehastir, "Hide", Esther celebrates July 1st.


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