School insurance: which to choose?

School insurance: which to choose?

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At the beginning of the school year, you have to settle the school insurance file! A real Chinese puzzle! Not always easy to make your choice. Here are some ways to help you decide!

School insurance, what for?

    • To protect the damage your child could cause to a third party and also those he might suffer.
    • Mandatory or not? Your child must be insured as part of school activities such as outings and school trips. Insurance may also be required for extracurricular activities.
    • But before you commit, ask your insurer to find out if your multi-risk insurance housing includes both civil liability (for damage caused by your child to others: if it breaks the glasses of a friend, for example) AND personal injury accident insurance (for damages suffered by your child and for which there is no responsible).
    • If this is not the case, it is advisable to contract a school insurance. You can check with the principal, parent associations, and the Insurance Information and Documentation Center (CDIA) in your area.
    • You can also get closer to insurance companies that will offer you different formulas adapted to your needs.
    • There are two types of school insurance which both guarantee at least to ensure the journey, the material or corporal damage caused on / or by a third, the breaking of spectacles, of dental apparatus ...
    • The basic insurance covers your child only at school and on the home-school trip.
    • Out-of-school insurance is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, at home, during leisure and holidays.
    • Some contract extensions add support services, such as academic or psychological support in case of aggression.n, repatriation, if your child is injured during a trip with his class.
    • Some contracts also cover damaged goods (schoolbag, bicycle, musical instrument ...).
    • The price differences are mainly due to the extent of the guarantees and the amount of deductibles and the limits of reimbursements in case of accidents.
    • We advise you to study and compare guarantees and rates.The price differences are mainly due to the extent of the guaranteesand the amount of ceilings in case of accidents.

Think about it!

• Your "multi-risk home insurance" insurance covers the civil liability of all members of your family. Some also include an "individual accident" guarantee. The scope of this guarantee is often more limited than that of school insurance. Check the refund rates.

• Your contract "accident guarantee of life" assures your family against bodily injury, including death and permanent disability. These allowances can be combined with those of the school insurance.

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