Arrietty and the little world of pilferers

Arrietty and the little world of pilferers

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Arrietty and the little world of the pilferers is a nice film straight out of the very famous studios Ghibl. Mix of fairy, humanism, and poetry, this Japanese animated film will please your movie buff as of 5 years.

What is the story ?

  • Shô, a 12-year-old convalescent boy, comes to live with his grandmother and his maid. The two old ladies live in an old house west of Tokyo. It is also there, under the floor, that reside the members of a strange family not higher than a few centimeters, consisting of Pod, the father, Homily, the mother, and Arrietty, their 14 year old daughter.
  • In the little world of Lilliputians of Arrietty, one lives on the caper: a sugar here, a handkerchief there. This night, the girl must go stealing for the first time with her father! Rule # 1? Never meet the eyes of a dangerous human. Still, Arrietty will meet Sho and a beautiful story will begin between these two ...

Why will it please him?

  • This film straight out of the famous studios Ghibli is not Miyazaki! But there is also the magic, the humanism, the poetry that is the salt of this Japanese animation cinema. However, you must already be a good movie buff at least 5-6 years to be sensitive to this small creative world (three nails constitute a scale) and so fragile ...
  • By Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Ghibli Studios, 1:34 min. Released in September 2011.
  • Where to find it?

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