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"Master Raven ..." In his leaning notebook, your child applies himself to learning his poetry word by word. You are his first audience! Find out how your apprentice poet takes his first steps to school and how to help him at home.

  • During school, your child comes back from time to time from school with a poetry to learn by heart. From an excerpt to the text in its entirety, he must memorize it to recite it in class the next day in front of his boyfriends. Listen to him declaim ...

When does it start?

  • In kindergarden, learning is done in the classroom, never at home. In the evening, you just enjoy the pleasure of hearing him recite proudly his nursery rhyme or his poetry.
  • From CP and throughout elementary schooling, most of the work is done at home and you find in his binder the book of poetry with the text that your schoolboy must learn by heart and often illustrate. This work is then evaluated at school.

In class, how long does it last?

  • In kindergarden, it is several times a day that children say or recite texts. They are rhymes, games of fingers, poems.
  • At CP, this learning must remain as central as in the nursery school, specify the official instructions, but it is gradually changing form. Your child is doing it more and more individually.
  • In cycle III (CE2-CM1-CM2), the texts to be learned become longer and more consistent.

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