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This is probably not what your schoolboy prefers ... However, it is essential to memorize what he has learned and progress. Here's how it works in class and our tips for helping after school.

  • What few parents know about homework is that any written work is officially forbidden. Your child will end up with readings, documentary research, poems to recite and mainly lessons to learn. They take the form of grammar definitions, conjugations, words to know by heart, tables of multiplication, these lessons punctuate the regular tasks that your child has to do at home.

When does it start?

  • At CP, lessons are usually limited to words to learn to spell correctly.
  • It's only from CE1 and up to CM2, with the appearance of the first learnings in grammar and conjugation that they take the form of exercises. In mathematics, lessons also become common: definition of a square, knowledge of the table of addition ... In history, your child must know by heart the syntheses of themes treated and in geography reminisce elements of a map.

In class, how long does it last?

  • Your child can not start learning lessons in class, but can be particularly attentive. The lesson is copied in class and memorized at home. Sometimes, a methodology is put in place to serve as a benchmark for returning home. To verify that the lessons are known, the teacher asks to return them in front of the class or by means of a written interrogation.

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