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Learn division

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Here is an operation that divides for sure ... the generations! You do not understand the method used? Tips on how it works in class and how to help your schoolboy.

  • More than any other operation, the posited division is responsible for deep disagreements between the school universe and the family. This is never the right method. Neither the one we knew was small, nor the one learned by the big brother, let alone the one mastered by the grandmother.
  • Trust the teacher ... and your child. Be aware that the programs fix the difficulties: the calculation posed of a division in the cycle III can not exceed that of a whole number (of at most 4 digits) by a whole number (of at most 2 digits). For larger numbers, go to the calculator!

When does it start?

  • From CM1 to Cycle III and CM2 through training exercises and problem situations.

In class, how long does it last?

  • When the operative technique is put in place, its complexity will require the full attention of your child. This is usually a heavy and difficult time. Several weeks are necessary for the automatisms to be installed and the year of CM1 will not be enough. In CM2, the technique is completely reviewed and confirmed by a set of problems leading to a division posed.

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